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Below are some of the reasons why we are in practice. These are a few stories from our clients:


When I first moved to Georgia several years ago, I could not find a good massage therapist until I finally discovered Miracles of Massage and Regina Howe.  Regina is a wonderful, experienced massage therapist who knows how to treat specific issues and has been a God-send for me.  Miracles of Massage is a lovely, calming, relaxing environment to take a break from the stresses of daily life and be restored.  This community is blessed to have Miracles of Massage as our oasis.     Jan Walker, Lawrenceville

I am currently 65 years old and have had massages in many places.  I am a believer in the benefits derived from a massage.  I get the best massage that I have ever had a Miracles of Massage.

Michael H.


I have been seeing Regina at Miracles of Massage for over a year. Regina is highly professional, caring

and always seems genuinely happy to see me. The facility is beautiful, warm, comfortable and very

inviting. I always leave feeling totally relaxed. Regina is always receptive to any issues or physical

complaints that I may have and customs the massage to meet my needs. She is very knowledgeable

about the musculoskeletal system and because of her knowledge, I frequently give out her cards to my

clients who need a good massage therapist in the area. I would highly recommend her and Miracles of

Massage for the most amazing massage experience. 

                                                                         Tanja Taylor


I was introduced to Miracles of Massage through a groupon, which I have purchased before from other businesses.Entering the studio I knew this was going to be an experience, not just a massage. You are greeted by the owner Regina with an inviting smile. Upon entering the massage oasis your experience begins, low lighting and nature music is just in the back ground. Regina asks you what problem areas you would like to address and talks about the level of massage you would like to have,

she gives the encouragement that she is someone that you can place trust in. 

Leaving the room after instructions, your massage table is warm and a pillow of softness, which is a treat and truly helps in relaxing you and making you feel at home. She seems to give you time to get relaxed and unwind which is so important in a professional massage. Regina begins with tucking you in and making sure you are comfortable. She starts off your massage with a professional massager that you may find in physical therapy or a chiropractor’s office. This massager feels wonderful and improves circulation to help in healing of your muscles. You realize that it is apparent that Regina is knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do to  give relief to your  problem areas., giving relief of your tight muscles and relaxes your whole body, you can feel the stress fading away. She not only massages with her hands but uses the heat of warm oiled gliding rocks, which feels wonderful. This gives you the benefit of having a traditional massage along with a hot stone massage. If you have ever had a hot stone massage you may feel that the entire hour is a bit much. Combining the two is ingenious. When it is time to turn over to continue to work on those muscles that are tight, she is very discreet and you never feel exposed in any way. Once she has worked those muscles, she massages your head, I don't know of a single person who does not love getting their hair washed by a professional stylist! Lastly she makes sure you are still all tucked in and just gently runs her hands down your back, which puts a tingle in your toes. The only draw back of this experience when it comes to the end you never want to get up from that massage table, for it is over.

Make your appointment for your next visit, as you will want to continue this experience, and she books fast!   Leaving with a hug she cares about all her clients.

I have tight muscles in my neck and shoulders from stress I hold on to. I have gone weekly to a chiropractor that is able to pop my neck back in alignment. Once Regina is finished with my massage I am able to pop my neck back in alignment, and it tops off my experience

Margaret B.


About a year ago I began getting massage therapy from Regina at Miracles of Massage.  I first went to relieve stress and have some quiet time to myself.  I did not know that I would begin to truly see the benefits of massage and come to understand how it goes hand in hand with regular medicine in treating my overall health.  Regina is fabulous.  She has worked with me on all the things that are going on with my body and health.  Each visit she adjusts her techniques to fit what I need.  Regina makes suggestions based off what she “finds” in order to help me even further.  I just love going to see her.  Not only is she good at what she does, but she is a warm and caring person.  I highly recommend her! 

Leslie Leighton



I have suffered with low back pain all my life.  I spent a few years with a chiropractor and had a little

relief.  But nothing compares to massage therapy for my lower back pain.  It is the only thing that takes

the pain away.  I feel taller, more limber and vibrant after my session.  I highly recommend it!

My daughter, age 14, was suffering with pain in her jaw, TMJ.  After a few sessions with Miracles of

Massage she no longer had pain.    She increased her flexibility in her jaw and no longer suffers with

TMJ.  This was a quick healing process that could have led to a life time of ongoing pain.

-Diann Parks


I have been a client of Miracles of Massage for at least seven years. No matter the condition that I arrive I always leave relaxed and revitalized. Brandy is particularly helpful if I am having some difficulty. Whether it is a stiff neck, sore shoulder or aching hip she has the knowledge and skill to bring me back to normal. Thank you Miracles of Massage. 

Thanks, Dennis


Just want to take a minute to sing the praises of Miracles of Massage.  I have been going there since 2008.  I could not be happier with the service they provide for myself, my mom and the community.  Brandi and Regina are two of the best massage therapist I have had the privilege of working on my tired and tense muscles.  They help whatever is aching or hurting on any given day.  When you enter the facility there is an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Your time there is well spent and I always look forward to my next visit.  They care about you and your well being and are willing to help in whatever you need for that visit.  I would hight recommend them for you mental and physical wellness.

Sheila M.



Massage therapy has been my saving grace for the past three years!  I was diagnosed four years ago with a herniated disc at C5 and C6(neck)   I have seen four chiropractors,  two orthopedist,  one DO, a physical therapist, and  Brandie Mitchell at Miracles of Massage.  Her therapeutic massage has been by far the most beneficial of all the things I have tried, and I have tried it all!!  Her touch is amazing, unlike any massage I have ever experienced!  I was extremely skeptical of trying another massage because I always leave feeling like I wasted the money on a nice back rub. I was looking for something that would give me relief from the pain, sore and tense muscles, and the mental tension of dealing with the day in and day out pain. I feel so much better every time I leave from my massage!  Best money I have ever spent on myself!  Brandie has hands of gold, and I am a grateful recipient of her talents and knowledge!  Highly, highly recommend her!
Donna H.
We love Miracles of Massage! Their office is located in such a convenient and easily accessible area, and the interior is beautiful, serene, and instantly calms me when I walk in the door. Regina and Brandie are experienced massage therapists and can offer many options of therapeutic massages, depending on what you need. I have been a happy client for years, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else!
Jamie and Susan N.

I have been a client of Miracles of Massage for almost 20 years. During my 35 years as a dental hygienist I have dealt with chronic neck and shoulder muscle spasms and headaches. I have regular massages at Miracles of Massage and have experienced tremendous relief without the use of medication or surgery. Regina is certified in cranial massage techniques that have to be experienced to believe. I have referred friends and patients for this wonderful service and they have all expressed their appreciation of the physiotherapy received at Miracles of Massage. Congratulations on receiving another "Best of Gwinnett" award! It is truly a health benefit that I recommend. 

Lisa Rood BS, RDH  

As a fellow massage therapist, I have known Regina for many years and can honestly say; she and her massage family have a loving, caring and compassion for our profession that is delivered to each client.
Sharon Weiland, LMT


I LOVE Miracles of Massage! 
If you need healing hands for pain or a gentle touch for pampering, you can get it from Regina at Miracles of Massage. 
Jason Moss

Having experienced head to toe muscular pain for years, I was limited in my mobility as a grandmother.  A friend referred me to Miracles of Massage and from the very first session, I was made to feel comfortable. Regina is a very skilled professional and has a knack for finding problem areas that need attention. During the session she lets me decide if I want to chat or just relax and let her work; that means a lot. Often she will provide
effective and useful exercises and stretches I can do at home. Now I am much more mobile and am able to romp with my beloved grand babies.
Not only are my sessions with Regina therapeutic, I am so totally relaxed when I leave that I can't wait till my next session. Miracles of Massage-what a proper name!

Dottie M.


Why not go to a place that you know you will leave feeling better than when you walked in?  And all you have to do is lie on a table!  I first went to Miracles of Massage for work on some trouble spots, but it quickly became part of my routine for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Within minutes, Brandi is able to zero in on the areas that need attention and work her magic.  I don’t need to say a thing.  My quality of life has improved as a result – my workouts are more productive, I’m more focused at work, and, most importantly, I am able to keep up with my kids.    


Christopher W. Phillips, P.E.


I stumbled across Brandie at Miracles of Massage after months of trying several different massage therapists and not getting the results I expected. I have several herniated disks, leaving me in a lot of pain everyday. I experienced significant improvement after my first massage with Brandie. Brandie listened and then treated my specific needs. The weekly massage therapy with Brandie has dramatically increased my quality of life. It has made such an impact in my life that I tell everyone I know about Miracles of Massage.

Windy L.


I have been a client of Regina's at Miracles of Massage for several years.
I have used many massage therapists over the last ten years, but never felt a connection
with a person or a business until I got to know Regina.
I look forward to my monthly massages, not only for the therapeutic aspect, but for the friendship and caring that she exudes.
If you want a great massage from knowledgeable and caring people, you need to give Miracles of Massage a try. I promise that Regina and Brandi will take excellent care of you.

JoAnn S.



I was introduced to Regina and her staff through a Groupon I purchased five years ago for a hot stone massage.  My job has me haunched over a computer so I build up a lot of stress in my shoulders.  I have been able to get much needed stress relief from getting monthly massages.  Regina and Brandie always check to see if I have any new problem areas and strive to relive any added stress I might be experiencing.  I highly recommend Miracles of Massage to all if my friends.  Their warm and caring personalities are a plus to the relaxation they provide!

Hope- Lawrenceville


    Regina has been our family massage therapist for a number of years.  We all have arthritis and depend on our massage theraspist to help keep us healthy and mobile. We highly recommend massage therapy and Regina’s magic hands!  We are proud that Regina has received this award. Mickey, Don, and Harold Hughes


My name is Dr. Robert  Bolen. I have been practicing chiropractic in Gwinnett County for over 30 years.
I first met Regina Elvis approximately 8 years ago and was impressed with her caring & professional attitude.  She has been my personal massage therapist for the last 6 years.
Regina is very knowledgeable in her field and she clearly takes a real interest in each of her clients.  I confidently refer patients to her for excellent massage care.

Yours in Health,
Robert T. Bolen, DC


I have been going to Miracles of Massage for over ten years.  When I started I suffered from migraine headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. Now, thanks to Regina, I am pain free. My weekly massage appointment is my favorite time of the week.

Phil K. from Dacula



I just want to thank you for the absolute best massage I have ever had the pleasure to receive. You have the magic touch and your knowledge of human anatomy is unsurpassed by any massage therapist I've met.  Your commitment to your craft and your ability to put people at ease makes getting a massage from you a pleasure. I feel like I have had a mini-vacation after receiving a massage from you. I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me. I feel as though I have made a great friend and I am constantly recommending you to others.
May God bless you and Miracle of Massage for many years to come.

In appreciation,
Ameta  Stephens


I have been to several massage therapists in the past and have gotten picky because I know what I like.  I was referred to Miracles of Massage about eight or nine years ago and never left.  Regina is awesome!  I'm always relaxed and feel great when I leave.  Regina makes you feel comfortable and at home.  I would and have recommended Miracles of Massage to everyone I know.

Lori Arnold



I'll begin with at the age of 3, I had polio in my right leg.  With this I have a limp and I get out of line and this causes pains.  Lower back pain, side pain, shoulder pain. Brandies hands are a gift of massage for me in my life.  I know when I would get a headache, her strong hands and fingers could massage my head and neck and make my migraine ease up and most times go away.  I had told her she would make a great Massage Therapist and she persued this profession. I had never gone to a massage therapist before and now I was Brandies homework and I can say I was so toxic that it was not always a fun experience, but oh how I began to feel better. Massage has a way of making you feel better. I don't usually have many pains but when I do get a pain, Brandie straightens me out.  Just Last week I had been having a pain in my side and my lower back which I thought I had pulled something from this cough I had had about 3/4 weeks  She worked on my soaz muscle and my side pain has left.   All I have to do is tell her my pain and she can go to work on me and the pain is relieved. Another of my pains is my hamstring on my right leg that I had polio in and she works on it and the pain goes away.  I can't say that it is all the time a pleasure to get this massage because she can apply some pretty deep pressure but oh after the massage, the gift she has given to me. Brandie is my daughter and a wonderful daughter she is.  She has been a miracle for my body since she decided to become a Massage Therapist. I am not saying this because she is my daughter, you can ask any of her clients and I am sure they would tell you the same.  Brandie likes to do massage to help people, she is not into the feel good massage, although she can give a great one of those also.    Sincerely, Debbie Watkins



So grateful for Regina and Miracles of Massage!  I appreciate her working with me and my chiropractor on alternative therapy for my MS.  She's definitely the best! .... Renee


Miracles of Massage

Best Massage Therapy in Gwinnett 2015


I would like to say a lot but I will keep it short if at all possible about an

extraordinary lady and good friend. Regina Howe has a studio by the name of

Miracles of Massage. It is based strictly on therapy and wellness. She has been in

this business for at least 10 years plus. I know she has been my therapist for at

least 10 years. I also know at my age, I would not be able to accomplish a lot of

the tasks of housekeeping, travel, and visiting others who may be less fortunate

than me because of health issues. I feel blessed that I found Miracles of Massage

and Regina as my massage therapist. Regina is a very knowledgeable and

excellent wellness therapist who listens to your concerns and knows immediately

what treatment and area she needs to work on. All the time and money spent on

my trips to Miracles of Massage are worth more than I could ever explain. Thank

you, Regina Howe, for your concern and Christian attitude that you exhibit as a

professional while working so hard to see that each patient leaves Miracles of

Massage feeling like a new person. 

Please take my advice and call Regina at Miracles of Massage, 2000 Riverside

Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA, (770)366-9438. You’ll be glad you did.

Delores Kenessey


I have been to so many massage therapists over the last 25 years and no one compares to Regina. I started going to her a year ago and I truly believe she is the reason I am able to move. After a slip on the ice and surgery to remove 3 bulging discs in my neck,  I was having chronic neck and shoulder pain. Regina was so attentive to my needs and so knowledgeable about what needed to be done. With each session the pain began to subside and my range of motion got better.  She is such a caring and compassionate person! Miracles of Massage has given me back my life!



Brandie has worked on me for the past 3 and a half years. She makes sure to find out what is going on with my life, exercise regiment and stress level before each session. I highly recommend her for any massage therapy need you have.
Keith - Suwanee, GA
Miracles of Massage is just that, a miracle! Since the fall of 2005, I have been a client of Regina and her staff. Each one brings a special quality to the treatment they provide. I have been plagued with pain that has rendered me helpless on many days. Through many doctors' visits that led to dead end roads, Regina was there for me with a caring soul, a friendly smile, and the best skills for a massage therapist I have ever experienced. Her knowledge and skills of cranial - sacral therapy helped reduce the pain that left me screaming for help, and allowed me to face the next day. Through many visits for my head and back she has helped me achieve an almost normal schedule once again. She has stood there beside me through the trial treatments, periods of time I wasn't able to drive, and now on the road to healing! I give her many thanks for being a friend as well as an inspiration to keep me focused on healing! Thank you for everything and God Bless!
Ashley - Lawrenceville, GA
Throughout the second and third trimester of my pregnancy, I received therapeutic, prenatal massages from Miracles of Massage. The massage therapy released tension in weight-bearing muscles; as well as offering relaxation and increased blood flow throughout my body. I attribute a part of the success in my birth to the massage therapy I received at Miracles of Massage.
Amanda - Lawrenceville, GA 


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30-90 Days ago

I highly recommend Gina to anyone that is in pain, feeling stress or just needs a special and caring touch to be refreshed with massage. I will try to keep this short and to the point, a month ago I found myself on the way to the hospital thinking I was having a stroke due to the right side of my face becoming completely paralyzed out of the blue while at a business luncheon. My first thought was that I had to get to a hospital right away. Well after a clean EKG, a clean blood work and a clean CT-scan of my brain I was told that I had something known as Bellís Palsy and that I would be paralyzed for the next 4-12 months on the right side of my face. My loving wife immediately began researching and praying for an answer and found Regina at Miracles of Massage. During the first week to 10 days I continued to get increasingly worse with no sign of improvement, not being able to close my right eye, not being able to smile on the right side nor able to eat normally along with other things that we all probably take for granted regarding our facial components. I began after the first week to see that this was not going to just go away on its own. So on the 5th day I decided to reach out to Regina at Miracles of Massage and began going daily for an hour long facial and head massage with Gina and after the first week began to see some progress but it wasnít till the third week when through Ginaís many years of training and incorporating her knowledge in therapy techniques that we began to turn the corner and I really started to see that my recovery was beginning to take place. And that instead of maybe 4 months or even a year of not being able to move the right side of my face nor even an eyebrow that I was being healed through her hands and answered prayers. In closing; my 100% full recovery took place in only three weeks after meeting Gina. I highly recommend Gina at Miracles of Massage and I am truly thankful to her and her professional and caring approach to healing my body from what I experienced as a very difficult illness. By the way I am writing this from Tokyo Japan, while on a father/Son trip that my Son asked to share with me for the summer before his senor year in high school which just two weeks ago I wasn't sure how I was going to handle with being paralyzed in my face, I would have found a way since my Son and I haven't been able to spend as much time together as I would have liked over the past five years due to my obligations at work. Thank you Gina! Sincerely, David Bellino

(David B., 89 days ago)

Older reviews

Best massage I've ever had! Very thorough and excellent. I feel so much better afterwards due to Regina's attention to detail and unique methods. Great experience!

(Leslie L., 411 days ago)

Regina rocks! I had just come in on the red eye and could not turn my head to the left. I took a chance and called the closest masseuse . Not a Spa but a therapeutic facility. I was very lucky she had an opening , usually booked 3 weeks in advance. My shoulders were so tight I felt like I couldnít put my arms down. Regina explained what she was going to do. The bed was comfy and warm and the room smelled of scented oils. She worked out my knots and stretched everything out. She used the hot stones and bio freeze. When she was done I felt like a new person. I live in San Diego but visit friends in the area several times a year. I will call and make an appointment when I make my flight arrangements in the future. Affordable, comfortable, friendly and therapeutic! Thank you for making the rest of my trip enjoyable!

(Hotchkiss R., 684 days ago)

I am a 21 year old full time college student. I have been coming to Miracles of Massage since I was about 15 years old when I played competitive softball. I have caused my body much pain and over time, my muscles would tense so badly, I would get back spasms. But Miracles of Massage always helps me to feel better. It is definitely what I need for my college life stress. If you haven't tried the hot stone, you NEED TO! It feels absolutely amazing and is just what one needs after or during a long and stressful week.

(Anonymous, 961 days ago)

Don't hesitate, book your appointment now. Miracles of Massage helps promote your overall well being. You will have the most amazing massage, including several different techniques. You will feel restored, healthy and strong. Great for relaxation, pampering, working out body issues or sore muscles. Can't say enough things - I come monthly!

(Anonymous, 1,274 days ago)

Best massage in Gwinnett! We love them!

(Susan N., 1,314 days ago)

I can't say enough about how wonderful Regina is and her passion for helping others. I had neck surgery and could not turn my head at all. After the first visit I noticed change and now after my third visit I feel almost normal! She is extremely knowledgeable and I never feel rushed. You actually get a full hour! I highly recommend Regina to anyone who has tried all of the other therapists and want someone who cares and makes you feel like you have a new body! She is amazing!!!

(Cathy D., 1,555 days ago)

I am a 41 year old single mom who carries every worry and stress of life in my neck and shoulders. The pain and stiffness get so bad at times that I want to scream! My wonderful parents bought me several sessions with Regina. She has been an answer to prayer and a true miracle worker. She has such a calming demeanor and the hands of an angel (with the strength of a lion!) There are precious few moments of complete relaxation - body and soul - in my life. The last few have been on her table! She takes the time to listen to what you tell her as well as what your body tells her. Thank you for the help!!

(Darlene H., 1,560 days ago)

Love you all!!

(Susan P., 1,587 days ago)

I had my stone massage with Kathy today, I was very satisfied with my total body being stress less, I needed to relax and rewind and Kathy made it happen!!! I do recommend Miracles of Massage...today I had my Miracle -:)

(Denise B., 1,954 days ago)

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