Yoga Classes

As a therapy and wellness studio interested in your whole health, Miracles of Massage offers yoga classes. Yoga is for exercise, stretching, and physical and mental awareness.

Please register for each class you wish to attend by visiting

Weekly Schedule:


5:45pm Hatha Yoga

7:10pm Hatha Yoga


6:30pm Gentle Yoga


10:30am Gentle Yoga

12:00pm Gentle Yoga

7:00pm Flow Yoga


9:15am Flow Yoga

Yoga Prices:

$12 per class

Package of 4 classes - $40

Package of 10 classes - $100

Yoga at Miracles of Massage

Yoga means union, and in our yoga classes we seek to unify the whole person - mind, body and spirit.  All classes are open to students at all levels and modifications are always available.  For students with no prior yoga experience, the gentle yoga would be a good introduction, however, beginners can safely attend any of our scheduled classes.  All classes work the whole body, with some classes emphasizing specific areas.  Each class begins with centering (bringing our awareness to the present), Pranayama (breath work) and ends with Savasana (resting pose for deep relaxation).  These classes help to bring your mind into your body, ground you, and allow you to feel a greater sense of being centered.