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Massage therapy has been my saving grace for the past three years!  I was diagnosed four years ago with a herniated disc at C5 and C6(neck)   I have seen four chiropractors,  two orthopedist,  one DO, a physical therapist, and  Brandie Mitchell at Miracles of Massage.  Her therapeutic massage has been by far the most beneficial of all the things I have tried, and I have tried it all!!  Her touch is amazing, unlike any massage I have ever experienced!  I was extremely skeptical of trying another massage because I always leave feeling like I wasted the money on a nice back rub. I was looking for something that would give me relief from the pain, sore and tense muscles, and the mental tension of dealing with the day in and day out pain. I feel so much better every time I leave from my massage!  Best money I have ever spent on myself!  Brandie has hands of gold, and I am a grateful recipient of her talents and knowledge!  Highly, highly recommend her!
Donna H.
As a fellow massage therapist, I have known Regina for many years and can honestly say; she and her massage family have a loving, caring and compassion for our profession that is delivered to each client.
Sharon Weiland

I have suffered with low back pain all my life.  I spent a few years with a chiropractor and had a little

relief.  But nothing compares to massage therapy for my lower back pain.  It is the only thing that takes

the pain away.  I feel taller, more limber and vibrant after my session.  I highly recommend it!

My daughter, age 14, was suffering with pain in her jaw, TMJ.  After a few sessions with Miracles of

Massage she no longer had pain.    She increased her flexibility in her jaw and no longer suffers with

TMJ.  This was a quick healing process that could have led to a life time of ongoing pain.

-Diann Parks


My name is Dr. Robert  Bolen. I have been practicing chiropractic in Gwinnett County for over 30 years.
I first met Regina Elvis approximately 8 years ago and was impressed with her caring & professional attitude.  She has been my personal massage therapist for the last 6 years.
Regina is very knowledgeable in her field and she clearly takes a real interest in each of her clients.  I confidently refer patients to her for excellent massage care.

Yours in Health,
Robert T. Bolen, DC


I have been a client of Miracles of Massage for at least seven years. No matter the condition that I arrive I always leave relaxed and revitalized. Brandy is particularly helpful if I am having some difficulty. Whether it is a stiff neck, sore shoulder or aching hip she has the knowledge and skill to bring me back to normal. Thank you Miracles of Massage.


Thanks, Dennis


I was introduced to Miracles of Massage through a groupon, which I have purchased before from other businesses.Entering the studio I knew this was going to be an experience, not just a massage. You are greeted by the owner Regina with an inviting smile. Upon entering the massage oasis your experience begins, low lighting and nature music is just in the back ground. Regina asks you what problem areas you would like to address and talks about the level of massage you would like to have, she gives the encouragement that she is someone that you can place trust in. 


Leaving the room after instructions, your massage table is warm and a pillow of softness, which is a treat and truly helps in relaxing you and making you feel at home. She seems to give you time to get relaxed and unwind which is so important in a professional massage. Regina begins with tucking you in and making sure you are comfortable. She starts off your massage with a professional massager that you may find in physical therapy or a chiropractor’s office. This massager feels wonderful and improves circulation to help in healing of your muscles. You realize that it is apparent that Regina is knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do to  give relief to your  problem areas., giving relief of your tight muscles and relaxes your whole body, you can feel the stress fading away. She not only massages with her hands but uses the heat of warm oiled gliding rocks, which feels wonderful. This gives you the benefit of having a traditional massage along with a hot stone massage. If you have ever had a hot stone massage you may feel that the entire hour is a bit much. Combining the two is ingenious. When it is time to turn over to continue to work on those muscles that are tight, she is very discreet and you never feel exposed in any way. Once she has worked those muscles, she massages your head, I don't know of a single person who does not love getting their hair washed by a professional stylist! Lastly she makes sure you are still all tucked in and just gently runs her hands down your back, which puts a tingle in your toes. The only draw back of this experience when it comes to the end you never want to get up from that massage table, for it is over.

Make your appointment for your next visit, as you will want to continue this experience, and she books fast!   Leaving with a hug she cares about all her clients.

I have tight muscles in my neck and shoulders from stress I hold on to. I have gone weekly to a chiropractor that is able to pop my neck back in alignment. Once Regina is finished with my massage I am able to pop my neck back in alignment, and it tops off my experience

Margaret M